Technology and Support

Online Resources

You have 24/7 access to tech support to ensure no issues hinder your education.

You’ll also have access to Michigan State University’s (MSU) extensive library collections to conduct research, explore the archives, or just find something new to read.

Software and Hardware Requirements

As an online student, you’ll need reliable access to the internet to successfully complete your coursework. Though you can succeed using a public-access computer ― like at your local library ― we’d recommend using a personal laptop or desktop for greater flexibility.

MSU does not recommend students rely on tablet devices, mobile phones or netbook computers (e.g., Chromebooks) as their primary computer due to software limitations.

We’d also recommend broadband internet access (LAN/Cable/DSL) to avoid any potential connectivity issues.


Operating System

Mac OS X 10.6 and newer

Windows XP SP3 and newer

Recommended Browsers

The newest possible version of Firefox, Chrome, Safari or Edge. Ensure that your browser has JavaScript and cookies enabled and the latest version of Adobe Flash Player.

Software Requirements

Most courses will require some form of word processing software, such as Microsoft Word (included in Microsoft Office), Google Drive, or Apple Pages.

Depending on your course, you might need to use your browser to interact on an online discussion board. Other courses might require video conferencing software, such as Skype.

All students that utilize MSU electronic resources are expected to abide by the MSU Acceptable Use Policy.